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What Makes Us Different
Not For Profit
We're the largest not for profit company with a focus on achieving the best result for the participant we are working with. 
We Actually Care
We have one of the highest performance ratings of any employment service in Australia.

Maximum Attention
Our consultants have very small caseloads ensuring maximum attention for every person they work with.
We Invest In You
In the last four years we have invested over $9M in tools & equipment, travel support including fares and fuel vouchers, clothing for work.
We Pride Ourselves On The Relationships We Have With Our Clients
Trent Morris
"Every time I visited John, it was a good experience. I felt like I was talking to a friend, not a consultant. OCTEC helped me to become more confident to go back into the workforce."
Neill Duncan
"The people that I dealt with from OCTEC were just really supportive and present. They went to extreme lengths to allow me to provide for my family again and be able to do what I am passionate about."
Amanda Alford
"OCTEC met me at my lowest. They encouraged me to be able to trust and work with somebody which has given me the opportunity to be happy and work in an environment that I enjoy.
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100% Privacy Guaranteed
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